MS. Found in a Bottle

My Thoughts

I like to believe that Poe and I have similar styles of thought. The enigmas of life, the uncharted, and unknown universe assiduously keep me in profound thought. It isn't just the unknown that keeps my mind occupied, but the more than probable abhorrent situations that they may potentially bring to life. When concerning the ocean, giant rogue waves, the abyss, and whirlpools keep me in suspense. Poe seems to have thought that way about whirlpools, also know as maelstroms.

The story focuses on a man that enjoys getting away from the monotony of life by sailing on large ships. He is very experienced in sailing as his duties seem perfunctory. But he is suddenly forced out of his normal routine when the ship encounters a hurricane while he slept. He is awakened suddenly to find that the entire crew had been cast overboard, save a single elderly Swedish man. The ship takes its own course south, further and further where no ship had gone before. Eventually, the ship encounters an enormous whirlpool where he rides the current down to this inevitable doom.

My Rating

I would rate the story a 3.6 out of 5. I enjoyed the vivid description of the whirlpool and the story left me in deep thought.

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