Wikileaks Vault 7

Here we go again. More direct evidence that our own government is using our tax money to spy on us. First, it was the revelations by Edward Snowden revealing the atrocities of the NSA. We had James Clapper commit purgery by lying to congress. Yes, the Director of National Intelligence lied to congress to hide the undisputed fact that the NSA was running an enormous operation to illegally collect our information. Would that be enough to automatically cast some doubt to anything he says? Apparently not as CNN just released a new article entitled "Clapper: 'No such wiretap activity mounted' on Trump".

Did the government suspend these illegal programs when they were caught red handed? Nope. They just expanded them. Every American, no matter what party affiliation should be enraged (but not shocked). This is YOUR hard earned money being used. Perhaps billions of dollars were poured into spying on you. How many children could we have educated with that money? How many of our sick could we have cured? Could we have funded a manned mission to Mars? Could we have invested enough into solar energy research to make it practical and affordable for the average American family?

While we aren't especially surprised, every American should be disgusted at learning about this activity. Next time you think that your government is looking out for you, remember what this money could have done if used to help each other. But no, you don't need help, right? The government thinks you need someone listening to you talk through your cell phone or laptop. They think you need someone to have the ability to control your vehicle remotely. They think you need someone that can read every single e-mail and text message you have ever written. That is what is important to your government.

I encourage you to educate yourself on this. As a citizen you should know what is important to your government: Check it out here.

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