My Thoughts The Haunting of Hill House is commonly described as one of the best horror novels ever written. I couldn't disagree more. The story was slow, the horror was sparse, and the ending was bland. I haven't read too many books written after… read more
My Thoughts I decided to read this story because it is widely considered the first gothic novel ever written. I wasn't disappointed. The story is quite interesting and surprisingly easy to read considering its age. I found myself rarely having to… read more
Image taken from here. The user MGKellermeyer has some seriously well done images richly depicting various Gothic tales. I highly encourage you to check them out if you can here My Thoughts The Man of the Crowd is a short story written by Edgar… read more
My Thoughts This story was a pleasant surprise. I hadn't heard of it, but I very much enjoyed it. It started out serious and worrisome but ended in humor. The story deals with perception and the fact that seeing isn't always believing. Our… read more
My Thoughts This story was a little interesting but it failed to hold my attention on the whole. It deals with Poe's decorative idiosyncracies in a very detailed manner. He loves crimson and gold and fancies himself an interior designer. It was… read more
My Thoughts Eh, this story didn't grab my attention at all. I wasn't sure if the ending was supposed to be humorous, but I didn't like it. I'd like to be more articulate in my explanation but I just don't have the interest here. My Rating I rate… read more
My Thoughts Shadow--A Parable is an interesting short story with an extremely creepy ending. In a dark room lit by braziers there sat many men at a table. They all looked very uneasy and worried. Something was on their minds but what that was isn't… read more
My Thoughts Silence is a short story, or fable, about a man near the Zaire River (now the Congo River) in Africa. The descriptions of the environment, while gloomy, are extremely rich. The sounds are detailed as if you can hear them coming out of… read more
My Thoughts This story is another example of Edgar Allan Poe's strong curiosity, if not an obsession, with death and what occurs afterward. It focuses on two people, who are apparently in love, discussing their passing away from the mortal plane.… read more
My Thoughts This short story focuses on two entities that were once living discussing how the world ended. Charmion had died ten years before and Eiros died during the apocalypse. Eiros describes how the world ended in fire by the impact of a comet… read more