The Angel of the Odd

My Thoughts

Quite odd indeed. This story focuses on a man that becomes enraged when he reads an article he believes is a farce due to the oddities that occurred. He is then visited by the Angle of the Odd, an entity made out of a cask and some wine bottles (apparently the same bottles the narrator must have chugged to see such a thing). The man then has a very odd evening. First, he oversleeps and misses his appointment to renew his fire insurances. Upon awakening, he finds that his house is on fire. He escapes from the window only to have the ladder fall out from under him. He fractures his leg in the fall and the fire had burnt all of his hair off. This proves disastrous when he attempts to court a lady that he cares affectionately for.

He then decides to commit suicide by jumping off of a bridge. He undresses because he believes "for there is no reason why we cannot die as we were born". Suddenly a crow swoops down and takes some of his apparel (why he cares about this before a suicide attempt confuses me) and he chases the bird only to find himself off of the edge of a precipice. Luckly a hot air balloon is floating by and he grabs the rope and hangs on. The conductor of the balloon is no other than the Angel of the Odd. Eventually the protagonist is dropped and happens to land through his chimney into his house. It seems everything is as it was before the Angel had first visited him.

Apparently the narrator learned that odd things can in fact happen.

My Rating

I rate this story a 2.6 out of 5. It was quite interesting, but in the end I was losing focus.

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