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My Thoughts This tale focuses on a Frenchman who happens to be a great chef and a great philosopher. One day he is visited by the devil who seems to want to make a deal. He states he had made many deals with many people throughout history. The… read more
My Thoughts This is an interesting story that focuses on a mummy that is revived by a group of scientists and questioned. The interesting part is that they try showing off all of the modern devices of the 19th century only to be counted by the mummy… read more
My Thoughts Sorry Edgar, but this story was terrible. The main characters are basically illiterate and the entire story is written in the words of the protagonist making it a pain to get through. There is a lot of confusion due to the two rivals… read more
My Thoughts This story didn't grab me. It focuses on going back in time and viewing the city of Daphne. Nothing very memorable happens and towards the end some animals escape and start killing the citizens. My Rating I rate this story a 1 out of 5.… read more
My Thoughts Never Bet the Devil Your Head is a lesson on using figurative expressions, almost along the lines of another Poe story called Loss of Breath. The narrator describes an acquaintance by the name of Toby Dammit that makes a habit of using… read more
My Thoughts I really liked this story. This is one of Poe's tales of revenge, along with other stories like The Cask of Amontillado. The main character is a dwarf named Hop-Frog who provides entertainment to the King as the official court "fool". He… read more
My Thoughts Thou Art the Man made for a very entertaining and profound read. It is a little bit in the realm of Poe's tales of ratiocination but rather than unraveling a mystery throughout the story, the mystery is already solved and you just enjoy… read more
My Thoughts The Haunting of Hill House is commonly described as one of the best horror novels ever written. I couldn't disagree more. The story was slow, the horror was sparse, and the ending was bland. I haven't read too many books written after… read more
My Thoughts I decided to read this story because it is widely considered the first gothic horror novel ever written. I wasn't disappointed. The story is quite interesting and surprisingly easy to read considering its age. I found myself rarely… read more
Image taken from here. The user MGKellermeyer has some seriously well done images richly depicting various Gothic tales. I highly encourage you to check them out if you can here My Thoughts The Man of the Crowd is a short story written by Edgar… read more