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My Thoughts Oh boy... from what I understand, Antony never heard Cicero's second Philippic against him, but I imagine if he did, Cicero would have suffered an even more horrific fate that what he had actually gone through. Cicero and Antony never… read more
My Thoughts Amazing. Pure and simple. Cicero once again turns language into an art and completely surpasses my expectations. It is hard to believe that this speech was articulated over 2,000 years ago. Yes, that is correct. Over 2,000 years ago.… read more
Overview Cato Maior de Senectute is a short essay written by Marcus Tullius Cicero in the year 44 BC. It's protagonist, Cato, explains to two young men how growing old is actually a blessing, not a curse. It is an extremely well-written story and an… read more
Oveview The autobiography of Benjamin Franklin is arguably the first of its kind. It was originally written for Mr. Franklin's son so he would know the story of his father's life. The first part was written about his upbringing until he was almost… read more
My Thoughts I wasn't a big fan of this book. I had heard many different times from different people about how this books, while short, was extremely symbolic and meaningful. I think I was hyped up too much because I found the story, while… read more
My Thoughts I honestly do not think I have read a book with a more exciting ending. Many readers complain about how Moby Dick could be condensed to less than 200 pages and that over 70% of the pages are boring and pointless. I couldn't disagree more… read more
Okay, let's start by admitting the word monolith is ambiguous. There are “monoliths” on every rocky planet and moon in our solar system. A monolith is basically any stone block. Whether naturally created or chiseled by intelligent entities, they are… read more
Flatland was published in 1884 by Edwin Abbot Abbot. The tale focuses on a square living in a 2D world, completely oblivious that there are dimensions other than his own. The first half of the book describes the square's world in very vivid details… read more
This is my personal interpretation of the book "Faust". My interpretation may not be an accurate representation of the book's actual plot. This article is here to detail what I took away from reading it. Because this book is inscrutable (in my… read more