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My Thoughts I loved this story! Of all of Edgar Allan Poe's stories that I have read so far I believe that this is my favorite. At this point, I have only read about half of his work so this may change in the not so distant future. The mood is of an… read more
My Thoughts This was my first introduction into Poe's use of deductive reasoning and I simply could not put the book down. The story focuses on an eldritch gold beetle discovered on Sullivan's Island, South Carolina, but egresses far beyond the… read more
My Thoughts I believe this, at the time, was a modern take on the old myth of transmuting simple materials, especially lead, into gold through the use of alchemy. It was widely believed and thus experimented, that there was a combination of alchemy… read more
My Thoughts A Descent into the Maelstrom is a short story by Edgar Allan Poe about a very elderly looking man who relays a story regarding an enormous maelstrom that appears like clockwork off of the coast of Scandinavia. The story details the man… read more
My Thoughts I like to believe that Poe and I have similar styles of thought. The enigmas of life, the uncharted, and unknown universe assiduously keep me in profound thought. It isn't just the unknown that keeps my mind occupied, but the more than… read more
My Thoughts The Balloon Hoax, aptly named so, was a hoax article written by Edgar Allan Poe. Poe seemed to revel in attempting to fool the public as he wrote a few fictitious articles with extraordinary claims that ended up being hoaxes. This hoax… read more
My Thoughts Mesmeric Revelations is an extremely thought-provoking short story. It focuses on a dying man, Mr. Vankirk, who calls on the protagonist to mesmerize him shortly before his departure from life. Mr. Vankirk is a rather simple character,… read more
My Thoughts The Unparalleled Adventure of One Hans Pfaall is a very humorous and witty story about a man that takes a hot air balloon ride to the Moon. Written by Edgar Allan Poe in the early half of the 19th century, the story focuses on one Hans… read more
Overview "On Duties" is widely considered Cicero's best work. This beautiful piece of art contains a plethora of wisdom, mainly focusing on the question "Is the right thing to do always the advantageous option?". This simply means that if you always… read more
My Thoughts Oh boy... from what I understand, Antony never heard Cicero's second Philippic against him, but I imagine if he did, Cicero would have suffered an even more horrific fate that what he had actually gone through. Cicero and Antony never… read more