A Predicament

My Thoughts

A Predicament is the continuation of the story "How to Write a Blackwood Article". This story is terribly written on purpose for the sake of satire. The writing is, in all actuality, very poorly done but is quite humorous at many points. Misspelling expressions such as "ossi tender que beefsteak" and "ignoramus e-clench-eye" show that the author has very little knowledge in writing but still attempts to utilize Mr. Blackwoods advice.

The author is also eerily cheerful during the grotesque description of her slow decapitation by the minute hand of a clock set in a clock tower. She personifies her eyes popping out of her head and rolling down a gutter by assuming that they had likely devised this plan of escape. She gleefully describes her head detaching and rolling nonchalantly into the street. She doesn't know if the head would be considered her or the body, but the body is still moving around chasing people.

My Rating

I would rate the story a 3 out of 5. It was funny, but the writing was just terrible, even if that was exactly the point. It is amusing and delightfully filled with sarcasm, exaggeration, and personification.

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