Flashcards containing vocabulary used by H.P. Lovecraft throughout his short stories and novels. While reading authors with extensive vocabularies it is common to stop in order to look up an unknown word. Some authors, such as H.P. Lovecraft, have such a large vocabulary that it is necessary to interrupt yourself so often that you lose focus and the story becomes less colorful. Using this app you will be able to master his most common but difficult words to give yourself a fluid reading experience.

A real time three dimensional tracking program that accurately tracks the ISS's current position. The program was built using Three JS and the Earth images were taken by NASA. This program will eventually be an app for Android and iOS. The code is public and can be found here:

A virtual reality office to be used with Google Cardboard. This office is created using Three JS and is an experiment in VR. The office being modeled is my company's office. You can download the source code for free at:

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